Getting to Hilton Head Island is easy. Leaving is much harder-to say "goodbye", at least. There are two airports for your convenience. Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport is located in Savannah, Georgia, and is less than a one hour drive to our little gem of an island. There is also an airport located right on Hilton Head, and provides service from two airlines along with it's private jet facilities. For stout sailors, the island has four marinas, some providing world class facilities. We love our visitors so much, we even have a recreational vehicle park for those driving in with their own accommodations from other parts of the United States. If you didn't bring your own bed and shower, you will get to experience some of the most comfortable and often luxurious island accommodations found anywhere. We want to make sure you enjoy every bit of your visit to Hilton Head Island, and that starts with where you are staying.

There is certainly a wide variety of choices for your accommodations on our island. We hve major hotel chains, such as Marriott, Hilton and Westin, that all have beachfront hotels for your convenience and enjoyment. Several smaller and more budget-friendly hotels also dot the island, mainly off the beach but always close by. You will find that many of the homes and condos you see here are vacation rentals. It can be surprising with your first visit, because all are impeccably maintained, and you will think they are permanent residences. The larger homes are simply gorgeous. Should you decide to rent a vacation home or condo, the choices are seemingly endless, but all high quality.

If you are spending most of your vacation on the links or on the courts, you may want to consider a golf villa or tennis condo. While these respites are smaller in size, they provide you with the ability to walk out the door and onto the court or tee. The smaller size does not mean you will go without great amenities. All condos and villas will come with complete kitchens, linen service and be fully furnished. Air conditioning, ceiling fans, decks and patios are commonplace also. A vacation condo or villa will provide you with a bit of extra space and a lot more privacy than a hotel room, with the added convenience of proximity to your passion and others who share it. Imagine rising in the morning, breathing in the fresh cut greens as you sip on a cappucino. Heading out to the first tee can be as easy as walking out the sliding glass doors located on the backside of your Hilton Head villa. Or how about enjoying some fresh fruit on the patio of your tennis condo, then heading over to the courts for a morning of spirited competition or perhaps a much needed lesson What great way to spend a week in paradise.

Vacation rental homes are all the rage here on Hilton Head. And justifiably so-as they are some of the most well maintained and in some cases most luxurious you will find on the east coast of the United States.

A vacation rental home is a great option when visiting Hilton Head Island for many reasons. First, it provides you with that "home away from home" feeling, which is especially great when bringing children on your trip. You can let everyone spread out and feel comfortable with the extra space and privacy a vacation rental home will provide. Vacation rental homes on Hilton Head Island come fully furnished, with full kitchens and baths. Linen service, air conditioning, patios and decks and private parking are standard in all rental homes. You won't have to walk across a giant parking lot juggling all of your beach toys and sports gear to get to your front door! A vacation rental home also allows you and your travel companions to enjoy a meal "at home" once in a while, instead of always dining at a local (and fabulous!) restaurant. And because our island has a nice sized population of permanent residents, you will find all the service you need, with the added bonus of being within fifteen minutes of any store, pharmacy bakery, pub, theatre, place of worship or even a hardware store. If nothing else, consider the fact that you will always have a spot to hang your sandy, wet towels after a day at the beach or on the water.

For the ultimate in island luxury, look at staying in a high end vacation rental home. These substantial homes are often large enough to sleep several families, making a reunion or wedding celebration even more special. These prime homes come with gourmet kitchens, designer decor and bedding, stunning architecture and landscaping, private pools, state of the art video and gaming systems, personal theaters, game rooms and always, always a great view. Imagine walking down the isle (which is made entirely of sand, courtesy of the Atlantic Ocean) and saying your vows as the sun rides low in the sky, casting a gorgeous golden wash of color over you, your intended, and all of your guests. Guests that are incredibly happy and relaxed, because they are staying in a beautiful, large vacation home on Hilton Head Island. Now that's a wedding.

Staying in a vacation rental is not overwhelming in cost, either. Taking into consideration the convenience, privacy and additional space, prices are definitely comparable to what you would spend on a quality hotel. For many, the perks outweigh the cost considerably. And unlike many other resort communities, you are never more than a short car ride, easy bike ride, or casual stroll from everything Hilton Head has to offer. Start looking for your vacation rental as soon as possible, for the best selection. A winter vacation is always an option, when the island is much quieter, prices are lower, but the activities are still plentiful. The Atlantic Ocean never takes a holiday.

A great vacation is always made even better with a great place to stay. You will find Hilton Head Island has your accommodation needs covered, no matter where you would like to rest your head. Come and visit us, but when it is time to leave, don't say "Goodbye" say "Goodbye, for now." We want to see you again and again.

The closer you get to the Atlantic, the more you will pay, but it really depends on what is most important to you. Palmetto Dunes is a great place for the sun bather, golf lover or tennis enthusiast. Here, and in many other locations on the island, you can choose from a tennis condo, golf villa or luxurious beach front home.

Luxury rental homes are not rare on Hilton Head Island. There is a healthy luxury rental business here, and you the traveler will reap the benefits of these incredible respites. The architecture, size and decor of these homes is stunning. Upscale vacation rentals typically include private pools and hot tubs, designer linens and furnishings, gourmet kitchens, maid service, elevators, roof top patios, bars and entertainment rooms, large garages and always, always a stunning view. Imagine your next family reunion or other special celebration (anyone for up for a wedding) being held at one of these remarkable homes. Your trip to paradise is worth at least a look at some of these upscale vacation rentals.

Luxury Condos